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Hi, The Team from J2C Engineering here.

We are doing a marketing survey for our product, the Hitch Pitch trailer leveler and multi-purpose leveling device, and we would like your opinion. For those of you who have never heard of the Hitch Pitch, here is a brief overview.

The Hitch Pitch is a wireless trailer leveling device that when used with your Apple or Android smart phone, will aid in and reduce the time of leveling your trailer at your campsite. Most users who have used the Hitch Pitch to level their trailers report that the time to level their trailers is usually under 10 minutes.

Once the Hitch Pitch is placed on the trailer (on the frame, counter top, floor or anywhere else that you want to end up level as long as it is within 100 feet of your smartphone).

Then you connect to your smart phone via Bluetooth and the free Hitch Pitch smart phone App.

Then you use your smart phone to communicate with the Hitch Pitch trailer leveler while the trailer is in motion to find an acceptable level spot at the campsite. The App even lets you know how many inches of height is required under the wheels(left or right) to bring your trailer into level.

Once a spot has been selected and the trailer is disconnected (for you fifth wheel owners, it will remember your disconnection angle),

The Hitch Pitch can then be used to finish the leveling, by using your smart phone screen.

If you would like more information on how to use the Hitch Pitch, we have a video we would like you to watch.


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If Yes, did the video answer all your questions about Hitch Pitch? (required)

1. How often do you take your trailer camping in a year?(required)

2. How many minutes on average does it take you to level your trailer?(required)

3. Would being able to level your trailer in 10 mintues or less be of value to you?(required)

4. What do you think would be an acceptable price range for the Hitch Pitch?(required)

5. We use high quality parts in the assembly of the Hitch Pitch in order to give a 5-year warranty. How important is a 5-year warranty to you?(required)

6. We have created other free smart phone applications for the Hitch Pitch device such as: Level3D, an application that has functions for carpenters, engineers and DIY home owners for leveling and analysis; and Boat Pitch, which is an application that aids in loading and assessing Boat performance. We are always looking for new applications for the Hitch Pitch device and more free applications are being developed. We respond to user requests for applications too. How important is being able to use the Hitch Pitch for more than one use, is to you?(required)

7. The current price of the Hitch Pitch is $79.95. Knowing what you know now about the device, is this a fair price?(required)

8. What type of smart phone do you have?(required)

By filling out and sending us this survey, we will email you a one time discount code for 20% off of the price of a new Hitch Pitch purchased from us…your opinion is greatly valued by us. Please fill out the contact information so that we can send you the discount code. We will never share your information with anyone or any businesses outside of J2C Engineering LLC. As is our policy, all information will be transferred to paper copies, filed in our filing cabinet, and deleted from the internet.


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