How to use

Download the Hitch Pitch App from either the Apple or Google store.

Download on the App Store 


When you first bring it home, it needs to be charged fully.
To do this you: remove the rubber USB cover from the end of the Hitch
Pitch, insert the supplied USB cable (or any USB “A” to micro USB “B”
cable) into the Hitch Pitch, and insert the remaining end of the USB
cable into any USB charger or laptop. The Hitch Pitch’s blue LED will start
blinking, this means it is charging. When the blue LED is constantly “ON”,
then it is fully charged.

When you are ready to connect to your Hitch Pitch:
1)   Make sure you have “Bluetooth” enabled on your smartphone.
2)   Start the Hitch Pitch app
3)   Press the button where the blue LED is. This will turn on the hitch
pitch and make it ready for a connection to your smart phone.
4)   Go to “Connect” in the Hitch Pitch App. You should see your Hitch
Pitch in the available devices list.
5)   Select your hitch Pitch device.
6)   Exit the Connect and the hitch Pitch will be running at this point.

To turn off your Hitch Pitch:
1)   Completely quit the app and wait 30 seconds
1)   Go to the “connect” page in the Hitch Pitch App
2)   Select your Hitch Pitch from the list This will de-select your
Hitch Pitch and in 30 seconds, your hitch pitch will go to sleep and wait
until the next time the blue LED button is pressed.
1)   Hold down LED button until the constant blue light turns off.

Just to be clear:
The USB connector should be facing the rear of the trailer.



Using the App…
There are three main screens: connection, backup view, leveling screen
and gimbal view.

Connection screen:
This is where you connect and disconnect to the Hitch Pitch and also
check the battery level.

Backup View:
Use this screen to find the closest “left-right” level spot while parking
your trailer. Place the hitch pitch on the hitch of your trailer, with the
USB connector facing the rear of the trailer.

CAUTION!!! The hitch pitch is not a backup camera nor should it be
viewed by the vehicle’s driver while the vehicle is in motion. The
recommended procedure is to turn around and look where you are
going, move a little, stop and check the hitch pitch. Otherwise hand
the smartphone off to a second person who can then monitor the
level position of the trailer while the driver backs up.

The trailer “view” can be changed from front to back by selecting it from
the list at the bottom of the screen.

Level View:
Use this screen to level the trailer once the trailer is disconnected from
the vehicle.
This is, in a sense, a bubble level and the corner arrows show you which
corner to raise to achieve a level condition. Raise the indicated corners,
until the “bubble circle” is centered on the screen.

Gimbal View:
Use this screen for an artificial horizon indicator with heading
and angle (Forward is opposite the USB port).

Hitching View:
Use this screen to save your hitch height when you disconnect your tow
vehicle from the trailer. Once set it can be used to help you return your
trailer to the height it needs for hitching to the tow vehicle. Takes the
guesswork out of the 5th wheel trailer kingpin to tow vehicle hitch height

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